You Have a New Email Lead. Now What?


Getting potential customers or leads to sign up for your email list is quite straightforward, don’t you think? Once you have all your tools in place of course and you don’t need that many!

You create a lead magnet, setup your opt-in page and get your email marketing platform setup.  Where do they go afterwards though?

What should you direct your prospects to do instantly after they join your list?

Well, immediately after your subscribers sign up, you should be making them an offer.

Your brand new lead is the most engaged with you, immediately after downloading your lead magnet.

If you miss your chance to sell them something, it’s likely to be the last time that you’ll be seeing them.

Know this.  Open rates for the first week after someone signs up for your list are typically 40% to 55% – this obviously depends on the market or niche.

So today, what I would like to talk to you about is presenting an offer on the Thank You Page of your list building campaign.  

Here’s how to do it:

Your thank you page is the second most important web page on your website (after your opt-in page, of course).

This will walk you through how to make an offer on your thank you page that moves a new prospect into being a buyer pretty fast…

That way, you can put that new revenue back into ad spend so you can keep scaling your campaign.

Preferably, you would present your offer in a video sales letter, but it can be accomplished in a text-based page too with some good copy.

Step 1: Thank Your New Subscriber

The first thing you need to do is to thank your new subscriber for requesting their free [lead magnet name].

This can easily be done with a headline at the top of the page or you can say it at the start of your sales video (if you have one) such as:

Thank you so much for requesting [insert name of your Lead Magnet here].

Step 2: Confirm Where They’ll get Their Freebie

Next, you want to tell your subscriber how they’ll get the free giveaway you have offered them.

Are they going to be able to download the lead magnet right from the thank you page?  Is it going to be sent to their email inbox?  

What I do is tell them to expect their free gift via email within 10 to 15 minutes.

Most autoresponders will send out your email immediately, but in some cases it’ll take a few minutes to get to your new subscriber.  It’s down to network congestion, the time your email is sent out etc etc.

Really, you want your prospect to watch your whole video or read all of your Thank You page before they go and check out their email though.  Saying that your download will be ready in 10 to 15 minutes keeps them on your page for a few minutes and it gives your email service provider a chance to send out that first email.

Step 3: Positioning and Transitioning to the Offer

This step, positioning and transitioning or pivot is extremely important when it comes to your thankyou page succeeding.

When you put yourself in your subscribers shoes, they’ve opted in to receive a gift from you, that they hope will give them a solution to their problem or even give them something better…  They have not seen this yet though.

So, it’s very important to say in the video that they’re watching that it’s a way for them to get to their desired result faster!

You can do this by using simple language like:

Now that you have proven list of the 100 Most-Opened Subject Lines Report, you’ll get better open rates in your emails…

When you watch this video until the end etc etc

I think you get the idea. You can apply the same type of wording to your own niche.

Step 4: Give Value

Before you can make the pitch, you have to give value first.  This is where your “Thank You Video” turns into a sales pitch.

The story then pitch is structured like:

  • Identify that there is a problem
  • Introduce yourself and explain how you had the problem too
  • Relate to the problem yourself by telling your story
  • Describe your journey in how you solved the problem for yourself
  • Present your product or service that contains the solution (focus on the benefits, imagine your potential customers asking “what’s in it for me?”)

Now, I do realize that your product or service might not follow this kind of sales scenario. You’ll have to tweak this process depending on what you are selling. If, for example, you’re selling software, you may want to put a demo of your software as your pitch.  If you’re selling a monthly membership or a course, it is beneficial to dive into the benefits of what you’re selling and not get bogged down with features. You can test whether you’re focusing on benefits or features by asking yourself “so what” after you write each benefit. This really works. I’ll give an example. Lets say that the benefit of your product is “this system will enhance the way you start your day”. Ask the question so what? So you can see here that by making such a statement does not state any benefit to the end user. In what way will it enhance my day? If you say something like “this 4 step system will increase your productivity so you have an extra hour per day to grow your business”. Do you see how this statement offers the benefit of your product? There would be no reason for your reader to ask so what because you have stated the benefit.

It’ll take some creativity and testing to get this right, but it will definitely be worth your time.  We can take a look at doing it for you here too.

Step 5: The Pitch

Now that you’ve positioned your video or sales letter and moved away from the free gift, it’s time to ask for the sale.

Ideally, the price of the offer on your thank you page should be below $20 and should be the first product that your prospects can buy from you. If they go through the order process, they’ll be presented with a couple of upsells ranging anywhere from $50 to $500.

Depending on your market, products below $10 work very well for the first offer.  These include marketing, business, health and dating.

In some markets though, the $50 range works.  Examples include investment products and photography.

In the photography niche, your buyers are used to spending $1000 for a camera, a couple of $100 for a tripod and around $40 for text book. Therefore, the higher price is justified.

Your ultimate goal is that you want to turn your leads into revenue as quickly as possible even if it’s just $1 upfront and a recurring fee later. The Thank You Page transforms your most engaged prospects into customers.  As a result, you can reinvest your newly generated revenue and drive more traffic with it!

Inside a tool called Scriptly, there are autoresponder sequences that will help you automate the backend of this process for you. The two sequences I use are the Product Sales Sequence followed by the Ascension Sequence.

The Product Sales Sequence is the set of emails that you send out following the free gift email with your download link. The ascension sequence are the emails that you use for anyone who buys your thank you page offer!

I hope you have found this useful. I enjoyed putting this together. If you have any questions at all, please let me know in the comments below!  I’d be happy to help!

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