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LanaRoc Solutions Web design Cambridge would love to work with you and your business. We specialize in web design and development using a CMS (content management system). A CMS means that it will be easy for you to manage your website after we have finished the design and development. We provide video training so that in the future you can update the content on your website yourself as and when necessary. We also offer after sales support to ensure you are happy with your site and get all the help you need.

What does having a website mean for you and your company?

For any business to succeed in today’s world you need to be online. We focus on creating a responsive website customized to meet your needs. What that means for you is that your website will automatically adapt to your visitors device, whether it’s a computer, mobile phone or a tablet.  The reason this is so important is because a large proportion of your visitors will be viewing your website using a mobile phone or a tablet. If you have a website that displays well on these devices as well as a PC you are more likely to get that sale or new lead.

Why choose us?

Passion and Experience. We get a buzz out of giving your business an online presence, we have a proven track record and a wealth of experience.

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Domain Registration and Hosting

We can host your website for you and advise you of a domain name. If you have a domain name already, no problem, we can transfer your domain and host the site with our server company.

Do you need a logo and marketing?

Look no further because if you work with us, we will not only create a web design solution to suit your needs but we also design logos and provide marketing strategies. With us you don’t need to go elsewhere if you want a website that will get you more leads, customers or clients for your business.

Visit LanaRoc Marketing Solutions for more information on our marketing strategies.

We are dedicated and committed to ensuring that your visitors get the best online experience!

LanRoc Solutions Web design at a glance:

– Information/Service websites

– E-commerce websites (Online Shop)

– Blogs

– Landing pages

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