Done With You Automated Sales Funnels!

Do You Sell Services Online?

Maybe you’re a 1-on-1 coach and you are struggling to launch your own online program that will allow you to give more value and reach more people globally… is that you?

If so, we can relieve you of the tech overwhelm and frustration and finally grow your business using proven and tested marketing campaigns.

Running a successful business isn’t about learning all the tools, strategies and tactics online. It’s about providing value to your clients and selling more of your services online. However, it’s a struggle to bring in more sales if you are trying to do everything yourself.

What we do is help you execute a proven marketing strategy so you can focus more of your energy on what you do best, servicing your clients!

By leveraging the power of systems and automation we help you get more leads and sales on autopilot. When you work with us, we assess your current business marketing strategy and create an action plan with you specific to your business. We would then work with you to create a sales funnel tailor made to your business.

Email Marketing The Core of Marketing Automation. See Why

Email Marketing is the core of marketing automation. It connects your landing pages, your webinar registration pages, your checkout pages and more. When you have an email list you’re in control of that list. If Google and social media were gone tomorrow you will always have your list to market to.

Email Marketing with LanaRoc Solutions Marketing

With different social media tools out there, can you still engage customers through email? The answer is yes!

Your customers check their email inbox every day whether it is at work, at home or on their mobile phones. Email helps you build relationships, drive sales and get real results for your business. You will be able to connect with your audience and encourage them to respond.

We work with clients locally and across the world! We helped one local business in the beauty sector get results in just a few short weeks! Delivering an effective email marketing campaign requires skill. Do you need help building a list? Do you have a list but not getting the results you desire? No problem! Schedule a Free Action Plan Call with us today and we’ll help you to get results through email.

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