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The Exact Strategy, Science And Toolset You'll Need To Build And Profit From Huge, Responsive Email Lists!

Discover the tactics, strategies and tools to growing a MASSIVE email marketing list where you can promote your services and products on demand through email!



In This Special Step-by-Step Guidebook You Will Discover...

7-Step System

The 7-step proven system for building, growing and maintaining a responsive email list of buyers and prospects!

Landing Page Examples

The exact landing page scenarios (and the tools you’ll need to use) to get high-converting landing pages from the start! This eliminates the guesswork!

Turn Traffic To Sales

The exact strategies we use to turn both free and paid traffic into sales through email marketing. It includes exactly how often to email your list and what to email them!

Traffic Strategies

We reveal different traffic strategies you can employ to build your list FAST, from free traffic to paid traffic!

List Management

How to ‘manage’ your list, including cutting out, unresponsive leads to lower your email marketing costs and engage the people who ARE reading your emails (this alone will save you a fortune…)

Email Frequency

Discover how many times per week you should email and what’s optimal so you always have a list that is happy to hear from you and opens and clicks through your emails!

Huge, Responsive Lists

Grow your email list by hundreds or thousands of people per week using these strategies...

In the Epic Email Marketing Guidebook, we walk you through the right way to do email marketing, including how to build your list, what to email them, how often to email them, how to manage your list and how to set up your autoresponders!

You'll know that your emails are getting opened, read and your links are being clicked!


Get Higher Conversion Rates

Getting leads to opt-in to your list is about two things - your lead magnet and your landing page...

In the guidebook, you'll find out exactly what to give away and how to get an email address, so that you can maximize your conversions and get highly qualified, awesome leads who want to do business with you!

(NOTE: Videos ARE NOT the lead magnet that gets the highest conversion!)

Trimming Your List

You should be getting rid of your old, unresponsive leads...  And this is how you do it!

Discover the exact cut-off date you should have in place for people who don't open their email...  If they don't interact with you, you shouldn't be wasting your deliverability on them!  So, cut them out!

This one thing alone will drastically reduce your email marketing costs AND give you a better, more responsive list; no matter how hard you worked to get them in the first place!

(You're also going to discover how to 're-activate' a lot of them with one, solid email message!)


How To Create A Super Responsive Email List Of Buyers

Discover the simple strategies of attracting, engaging, educating and selling to your email prospects!

Proven Email Workflows

Discover exactly how to engage and build a list of loyal ‘fans’ through email marketing!

Landing Page Conversion

Discover exactly how to convert a ‘browser’ into a ‘buyer’ on your website, both through free traffic and paid traffic!

Pro Email Marketing Tools

Discover the tools that the pro’s use for their email marketing campaigns, both for lists under 5,000 people and lists over 5,000 people! (Make a mistake here, and it’ll COST you big time!)

Convert Leads To Buyers

Discover exactly how to convert your leads to buyers and how to lead them through an upsell funnel designed to maximize profit long term!

Fully Qualified Data

Get more prospects giving you more data, giving you more fully qualified information to follow up with them on!

The Truth About Lead Magnets

Not all lead magnets are created equal, especially if you’re giving away a free video! We’ll show you how to improve your landing page conversion with one specific type of lead magnet, proven to outperform the rest!

The Epic Email Marketing Step-By-Step Guidebook

Discover The Exact Strategy, Science And Toolset You'll Need To Build And Market To Gigantic Responsive Email Lists!

No Experience Needed

Whether you're starting from scratch or you already have a list of a few hundred (or thousand) people, the strategies in this guidebook will help you grow your revenue exponentially!

Stop Wasting Money...

With a dedicated email list, you’ll be able to make more money because you can promote more products and test internally before going out and gambling on paid traffic!

Promote More Products

Stop spending money on traffic that isn’t converting! You’ll learn exactly how to figure out which campaigns are sending you leads and which ones are not….

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I have to say that this is a very comprehensive guide. Everything from recommended tools to use,’s excellent! Much better than I expected for such a small investment!
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