Empowering Our Youths to Unleash Their Entrepreneurial Potential

Join Us As We Empower Our Youths to Use their Existing Skills to Become Entrepreneurs & Service Professionals
Let’s Stamp Out Unemployment & Poverty Now!
Time is Running Out...
Don't Delay Your Support to Set Our Youths Free from the Chains of Unemployment & Poverty


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Together We Can Transform the Lives of Our Community and Future Generations...
Our mission is to empower and mentor 500 young people between the age of 18 to 25 by 2025 to be entrepreneurs using their existing skills.
LanaRoc Connect mentors youths on business creation, promotion and monetization.

LanaRoc Connect

LanaRoc Connect is a non profit organisation that envisions a world where we eradicate youth unemployment and poverty through mentorship on entrepreneurship.
The path to ending the cycle of youth unemployment and crime is to empower them to believe in the skills they already have and mentor them to use those skills to start their own business.

Whether it be a plumber, electrician or marine engineer, together, we can build a network of young people that are self sustainable and have the business know how to own and run a successful service based business.
Started by Lana Odubela, Co-founder and Director of LanaRoc Solutions Ltd, LanaRoc Connect
believes that empowering our young adults to be the best they can be using their existing skills, will end the cycle of

unemployment > crime > poverty

On a grand scale, we see so much poverty and suffering in the world. The more foreign aid and money being pumped into the system, the more the poverty level worsens. From my interaction and experience,
I’ve seen so many University graduates and brilliantly skilled youths waste away, roaming the streets,
looking for jobs and when they get frustrated from getting a "no" after a "no" because the competition to get a job is so high, some unfortunately turn to social vices.

This has to STOP!

Have we ever sat down to think why there’s so much crime out there, especially amongst our young generation? In order for us to end this cycle of unemployment, crime and poverty, the solution is


Are You Ready to Join us to Liberate our Youths and their Community Out of Poverty?
LanaRoc Connect exists to lead our youths out of poverty by empowering and mentoring them to be entrepreneurs in their respective area of discipline and skills thereby, liberating and stamping poverty out of communities now and for generations to come.

Our 3-Step Process is...

Raise Awareness & Empower
Raise Funds
Empowering One Youth, Empowers Many
By the time one youth is empowered it gives that individual the opportunity to engage their peers.
Rather than facing the peer pressure of social vices, they'll be conducting business meetings and generating wealth within their own community.
Let's Build Our Youth's Future Wealth Through Entrepreneurship NOW! From as Little as £6.85 Per Day, We Can Change a Young Person's Life & Help Them Build a Sustainable Business for Generations to Come