5 Reasons Why Email List Segmentation is so Important


Sending more email means you make more money – surely?

The old school of thought was that you lose revenue every day you don’t send an email.

Nowadays, there’s a much better way of managing your list that doesn’t put your subscribers off and also keeps your engagement and clickthough rates steadily high…

Discover 5 reasons why you should segment your list below:

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Global Results

When Mailchimp measured stats “across all segmented campaigns,” segmented campaigns performed markedly better than their non-segmented counterparts.

Opens: 14.37% higher than non-segmented campaigns


Unique Opens: 10.22% higher than non-segmented campaigns


Clicks: 64.78% higher than non-segmented campaigns


Bounces: 0.90% lower than non-segmented campaigns


Abuse Reports: 5.74% lower than non-segmented campaigns


Unsubs: 8.98% lower than non-segmented campaigns


Keep Things Current

If you don’t intend on emailing your list every day or every couple days, the best way to handle this is to setup up an autoresponder series that does it for you. Active Campaign is the autoresponder we use and recommend to our clients and Scriptly is what we use to help put our autoresponder campaigns together. Both of these work beautifully together.

Don’t let people forget who you are, use the power of software to automate your marketing.

Its funny because forgetting I was on someone’s list happened to me the other day. I received an email from a name I didn’t recognise and I was like, who is this guy?  I’ve never heard of him. I dug through past emails and finally realised who he was, I just couldn’t remember how I ended up on his list!

Don’t let this happen to you..

Now it’s your turn

Do you have a segmentation strategy that has worked for you? Please let me know in the comment box below.

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