How to Make Your Business Look More Professional

Use an affordable calling system that takes your calls, greets your customers and diverts your calls to a number of your choice.

Why a Business Line is so Important

All businesses need multiple ways for customers to contact them as some prefer email, some prefer calling and some prefer face to face. When you first start a business, you want to look professional. Using your mobile number on your website can turn potential customers away. The reason is that what comes to their mind is that you’re not a real business, that you are not professional. So why let doubt come into your customers mind? You can launch your business the right way with a business phone line that redirects to your mobile phone.

Furthermore, do you really want everyone to know your mobile number? Having a business line gives you that added security and privacy.

Doesn’t a Business Phone Line Cost a lot of Money?

The answer is no. There are numerous companies out there that charge a lot of money per month for a phone line whether you make calls or not. This shouldn’t be the case. Especially if you’re just starting out. Who wants expensive monthly charges? Wouldn’t a low cost pay as you go solution be so much better? Well, if you click the button below you can discover more details and if you purchase our done for you service you can access numbers globally. There are numbers available all over the world so if you want a number for Birmingham UK and a toll free US number, you can do just that! Click the button below and we’ll setup your account.

business phone line setup

How to get a Business Phone Line for Pennies!

All you have to do is click the button on this page, purchase our done for you service and we’ll send you a link where you can choose the phone number you require. Once you choose your number, you pay less than 90p per month for the line and from 0.0048 per minute to receive a call! Isn’t this value unbeatable?  Once you purchase our done for you business phone line service you can then take advantage of the following superb features:

Call Forwarding

This allows your business phone line to automatically route calls to a number of your choice. Whether it be a landline or a mobile.

Custom Greeting Message

Impress your potential clients or customers with a professionally recorded custom greeting. When you purchase our phone line setup done for you service LanaRoc Solutions will setup your number, call forwarding and any extensions. We will also work with you to choose a greeting suitable for your business and a member of our team will professionally record it for you! Click here for details.

Call Routing to Different Extensions

If you have different departments in your business you can route the calls to different telephone numbers and your staff can answer your company phone globally!

Call Recording 

For tracking purposes you can have all your calls recorded. Never miss what your client says by scribbling down notes that you can’t read later on! Listen back to ANY conversation you have had. 

Voicemail Sent to Your Email

If you miss a call and you are left a voicemail, all voicemail’s will be sent to you via email so you are notified right away.

And so much more!

business phone line setup

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