6 Lead Magnets That Turn Clicks Into Leads Fast

6 lead magnets turn leads into sales fast

Building a strong email list is all about turning clicks into leads so that you can email and drive revenue into your business.

There’s a trick there though…

You have to give your visitors something of value that will entice them to fill their email address into your opt-in page.

Let’s face it, the world wide web is a huge place and almost every topic known on earth has been covered numerous times in forums, blogs and news outlets. What makes your lead magnet so special is that they can only get it from you!

ƒƒ is what we’re going to talk about in today’s post. The first thing we need to cover is what constitutes a good lead magnet.

Now, if you missed the last part of this series, we have covered different types of email marketing platforms so far. After this post, we’ll be covering opt-in pages, autoresponders, affiliate marketing, email frequency and a lot of other things you’ll need!

Why Your Lead Magnet Headline is so Crucial

The first thing we need to get out in the open is that most lead magnets are not good.  The reason you can’t get more than 15% conversions on landing pages sometimes doesn’t have anything to do with the page itself…

It’s your lead magnet!

The easiest way to demonstrate this is to give an example. Let’s say you’re in the real estate business and you want to increase the number of home seller leads. You could offer a free report about how sellers can make their home look more presentable for buyers. The headline could be:

“How to Sell Your Home”

Hmmm, do you think this is captivating enough though? Let’s contrast the above with the following:

Free Sellers Guide Reveals..

7 Budget Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

What do you think about this one?

It’s specific.  It delivers value.  You get the lead.

This title let’s the prospect know exactly what they’re downloading. So you have to make the material unique enough so that the only way for them to consume it is to actually go through your lead magnet.

Now, I wrote this headline in a few minutes, I would normally take a lot more time to write a headline as it is so crucial. I would write down a few and then split test. Really take the time to write a specific and compelling headline as it’s the basis of getting your opt­-in rate off to a good start.

Following your lead magnet, you also get the chance to upsell them on your thank you page. That’s right…  If someone just downloaded a report titled, “7 Budget Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal,” what do you think they’re interested in?

Selling their home of course!

Which means, you can offer them a discount on your commission fee, give them a premium listing on your site, feature them in prime position in your shop window, the list goes on.  You can get really create with what you offer on the thank you page. This is the magic of creating sales funnels.

Now, let’s get back to lead magnets…  There are 6 different types of lead magnets that we use, with a very strong preference to number 1 and number 5.

6 Types Of Lead Magnets

If you want to profit from your email list, you need to get the lead.  There is no better way to do that than to start solving a problem for your prospect. You package the solution into something that people will opt-in for…

Once you start getting leads, then you can save a ton of time and use Scriptly to write your emails for you!

1. Report or Guide

The ‘report’ is the standard lead magnet for good reason – it works!  In fact, we’ve found that in most cases a report or a guide will get cheaper, higher quality leads than a video!

Things to keep in the forefront of your mind when it comes to PDF downloads are:

You MUST deliver value.
Your reader should have the ability to DO something contained in the report that will give them gratification of some kind.
There should be at least a little bit of bonding that takes place in the report, so your new lead learns a bit about you!
A good length for a free report is one that can be consumed in 5 to 10 minutes. Moreover, it needs to focus on one specific, clearly identified problem!
Make sure you include a call to action at the end of it!
With reports, the more clearly you state the benefit, the better your conversions and costs per lead will be.

2. Cheat Sheet

Process maps or cheat cheats are great because they get to the point a lot quicker. The reason they are so effective is because, in a lot of cases, the sequence of events is what prevents people to accomplish a certain task. Whether it be setting up a website or editing a photograph.

By providing an outline of a complicated process and breaking it down into small, easy to understand chunks, you’re doing your prospects an incredible service.  They’ll know that you:

Have the ‘process’ down to a science (increasing trust…)
Are able to perform that process for them or teach them how to do it themselves
Both of these results lead to more sales for you, in a very short amount of time!


3. Checklists


Much like ‘Process Maps,’ checklists are great tools for describing the actions that someone should  take to accomplish a task correctly, without actually giving them the tools and the training to do it.

The checklist you see above is what we include in our Epic Email Marketing Step by Step guidebook.

With a well thought out checklist, you are demonstrating to your prospect that you know the material inside and out. It also point out things that your prospect might be missing!

This is great for getting them to speak up and say that they need your assistance to get things done!


4. Software


I love software! My background is software test and automation so I have a real passion for software products. You’ll see my own software creation very soon, watch this space!

One of the software applications I use is called Timeslots, It is an awesome scheduling software that you can use to book appointments, consultations, interviews, you name it. You should see my testimonial on the home page. It has a 14-day, no credit card required, free trial.  I don’t need to tell you how awesome that is for getting leads!

The beauty of software is that it’s core functionality is to solve a problem instantly for it’s users.  Plus, there’s an immediate gratification element to it that can’t be matched.

The most effective way to transform your software into a lead magnet is to offer a ‘No Credit Card Required Free Trial’ set up.  This allows them to get full access to your software, then after 7 or 14 days they need to become a paying customer to keep using it.

5. Videos


I love video but it takes a while for me to get going with it sometimes, but once I’m all setup I’m on a roll when it comes to creating videos. One of the ways you can get to get leads is to give access to a ‘free video.’  However, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

If you’re demonstrating something that’s highly visual like putting a golf ball, setting up a camera for the best landscape shot or building something, video is a good medium to demonstrate that content.

If you’re doing something that isn’t visual like explaining how to sell your home or teaching someone how to get rid of headaches, a video lead magnet might not be the way to go. Talking head videos (putting yourself on camera) can yield great results though, but again, it’s all about testing what works for your business.

In a nutshell, your video has to be engaging, that’s the main point. If it isn’t, you’re much better giving away a report or guide in PDF format.


6. Survey or Quiz

Last but not least, surveys and quizzes.

What’s funny is that surveys and quizzes have been around for a long time. I see a lot of marketers using them now as the best way to engage users because you can get feedback from your readers right away.

This use to be what is called list segmentation. When someone fills out a survey and selects option A as their choice, they get put into one autoresponder series.  If they select option B, they get put in another autoresponder.

There is a downside though… when you use a survey as a lead magnet, your lead conversion will most likely be lower but your engagement will be a lot higher, meaning you’ll have better quality leads!

It’s worth testing. Some campaigns use surveys so effectively that it massively increases optin rates. Whereas there are other campaigns where conversions were around 10% which is terrible!  It all depends on how you set them up!

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